Friday, July 29, 2011

Doctrina in Ore Clausa

This poem is from the Hortulus Carminum Selectorum by Josephus Perez (1627-1694).

Doctrina in Ore Clausa
Non minus hic peccat qui censum condit in agro,
Quam qui doctrinam claudit in ore suam.

The vocabulary is keyed to the DCC Latin Vocabulary list. There are two words in this poem that are not on the DCC list:

census (censūs, m.): registration, property, wealth
doctrīna (doctrīnae, f.): education, learning, instruction

ager agrī m.: field
claudō claudere clausī clausum: close, shut
condō -dere -didī -ditum: build, found; store up; hide, conceal
hic haec hoc: this; hōc: on this account
in: in, on (+ abl.); into, onto (+ acc)
minus -oris n.: a smaller number or amount, less; (adv.) minus: to a smaller extent, less
nōn: not
ōs ōris n.: mouth, face
peccō -āre: commit a wrong, injure
quam: how?; (after comparative) than
qui quae quod: who, which, what / quis quid: who? what? which?
suus -a -um: his own, her own, its own