Tuesday, November 29, 2011

De Parvis, Grandis Acervus

Here is today's emblem by Joachim Camerarius, 1:91. In the emblem there are the individual ears of grain, spicae, which are put into small bundles and which you can now see is a large bundle, (tibi) est cernere fascem. In the same way, then, from little things, a parvis, we can proceed step by step to greater rewards! This motto about de parvis, grandis acervus is a great motto for bloggers, I think - with one post after another, I hope to end up with a book of Latin distich poetry... eventually!

De Parvis, Grandis Acervus
Spica fuit primo, quem nunc est cernere fascem:
A parvis facimus munera ad ampla gradum.

Here is the vocabulary:

de - from
parvus - small, tiny
grandis - large, big
acervus - heap
spica - ear of grain
sum - be, exist
primo - at first, first
qui - who, which, that
nunc - now
cerno - see, perceive
fascis - bundle
a - from
facio - do, make
munus - gift, tribute
ad - to, towards
amplus - great, large, ample
gradus - step