Friday, December 2, 2011

Aeque Tandem

Here is today's emblem by Joachim Camerarius, 2:92. It is a bit like the fable of the tortoise and the hare, although no actual race is involved here. Instead, as you can see in the emblem, while the swans have easily ascended to the lofty heights, the slow turtle is going to take a long time to reach the same place... but she will finally get there too, aeque tandem, thanks to her hard work!

Aeque Tandem
Tardigrada assequitur cygnos testudo volucres;
Assiduus quo non scit penetrare labor?

Here is the vocabulary:

aeque - equally, to the same degree
tandem - finally, at last
tardigradus - slow-paced
assequor - follow, pursue, overtake
cygnus - swan
testudo - turtle
volucris - flying, soaring
assiduus - constant, regular, unremitting
quo - where, to where
non - not, no
scio - know, know how to
penetro - enter, reach, penetrate
labor - work, effort, labor