Saturday, December 31, 2011

Veritas Mire Patescit

Here is today's emblem by Bornitius, 5:100. The spirit of this emblem is equivalent to the English saying, "out of the mouths of babes." Yet if you look at the emblem, the child is speaking to an old woman, telling her that she either is a whore (lupa), or else she will be one! Not exactly the kind of sentiment that comes to mind when thinking of the wondrous revelation of truth! In the commentary to the emblem, Bornitius makes no direct reference to the girl and the woman in the image, but there is perhaps an allusion to the old woman in his invocation of the debate about truth in I Esdras 3: unus scripsit: fortius est vinum; alius scripsit: fortior est rex; tertius autem scripsit: fortiores sunt mulieres, super omnia autem vincit veritas.

Veritas Mire Patescit
Saepe etiam est fatuus vel simplex pusio vates,
Abdita cum Fatum vera aperire volet.


veritas - truth
mire - wondrously, wonderfully
patesco - is open, extends, is known
saepe - often
etiam - and, also, even
sum - be, exist
fatuus - fool, idiot
vel - or
simplex - simple, simpleton
pusio - boy, lad
vates - bard, inspired poet
abditus - hidden, concealed
cum - when
Fatum - Fate
verus - true
aperio - open
volo - want, wish, will