Saturday, March 10, 2012

Constante Fiducia

Here is today's emblem and distich by Gabriel Rollenhagen, Book 1.69, with an English rendering by George Wither.
Marke well this Emblem; and, observe you thence
The nature of true Christian-confidence.
Her Foot is fixed on a squared-Stone,
Which, whether side soe're you turne it on,
Stands fast; and, is that Corner-stone, which props,
And firmely knits the structure of our Hopes.
Shee, alwayes, beares a Crosse; to signifie,
That, there was never any Constancie
Without her Tryalls: and, that, her perfection,
Shall never be attain'd, without Affliction.
A Cup shee hath, moreover, in her hand;
And, by that Figure, thou mayst understand,
That, shee hath draughts of Comfort, alwayes neere her,
(At ev'ry brunt) to strengthen, and to cheare her.
And, loe, her head is crown'd; that, we may see
How great, her Glories, and Rewards, will be.
In addition to the visual details so nicely pointed out by Wither, notice the nice grammar of the distich, with iudice Deo in the first line and Christo duce in the second.

Constante Fiducia
Iudice freta Deo, superat fiducia constans
Omne malum, et Christo sub cruce laeta duce est.

They, after suffring, shall be crown'd
In whom, a Constant-faith, is found.

Here is the vocabulary:

constans - steady, stable, secure
fiducia - trust, confidence
iudex - judge
fretus - relying upon, trusting in
deus - god
supero - overcome, conquer
omnis - all, every
malus - bad, evil
et - and
Christus - Christ
sub - under
crux - cross
laetus - happy
dux - leader, commander
sum - be, exist