Friday, March 9, 2012

Diversa Ab Aliis Virtute Valemus

Here is today's emblem and distich by Joachim Camerarius, 3:18. The Latin phrase passer marinus refers to the ostrich; the ostrich does not live by the sea but it comes from over the sea, hence "marine." The passer part is equivalent to the Greek name for the ostrich: στρουθοκάμηλος, the "sparrow-camel." Legend had it that ostriches did not take care of their eggs; they trusted the sun and the sand to do that for them - but here we see that even if they do not brood on those eggs, they do inspire them with a nourishing breath before abandoning them.

Diversa Ab Aliis Virtute Valemus
Passer ut ova fovet flatu vegetante marinus:
Sic animat mentes gratia dia pias.

Here is the vocabulary:

diversus - apart, different, diverse
ab - from
alius - other, another
virtus - excellence, virtue
valeo - be strong, be able
passer - sparrow
ut - as, so
ovum - egg
foveo - keep warm, cherish, foster
flatus - breath, breeze, blowing
vegeto - invigorate, give energy
marinus - marine, ocean (adj.)
sic - thus, so
animo - animate, bring life to
mens - mind
gratia - grace, thanks
dius - divine, blessed
pius - faithful, devoted, good