Sunday, March 4, 2012

Litigat et podagra...

Here is today's distich by Martial, 1.98. It plays on the idea that this fellow Diodorus suffers from gout in his feet (the Greek "pod" in podagra), and since he doesn't extend his hand to offer payment to his lawyer, he is apparently suffering from gout in his hands too (the Greek "cher" in χειράγρα).

Litigat et podagra Diodorus, Flacce, laborat;
Sed nil patrono porrigit: haec cheragra est.

Here is the vocabulary:

litigo - go to court, quarrel
et - and, also also, even
podagra - gout (foot-gout)
Diodorus - Diodorus
Flaccus - Flaccus
laboro - work, labor, suffer
sed - but
nil - nothing
patronus - patron, advocate, defender
porrigo - stretch out, extend, offer
hic - this, this one
cheragra - gout (hand-gout)
sum - be, exist