Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thaida Quintus amat...

Here is today's distich by Martial, 3.08. This little poem combines two of Martial's recurring motifs: the pseudonym Thais (for the proverbial prostitute) and jokes about the one-eyed. In this case, Thais has lost one eye, but her poor infatuated lover must have lost them both, according to Martial. Love is blind, as the saying goes.

Thaida Quintus amat. "Quam Thaida?" Thaida luscam;
Unum oculum Thais non habet, ille duos.

Quintus loves Thais. Which? Thais the blind.
As she wants one eye, he wants both, I find.
- Anon. 1695

Here is the vocabulary:

Thais - Thais (name)
Quintus - Quintus (name)
amo - love
qui - who, which
luscus - one-eyed
unus - one
oculus - eye
non - not, no
habeo - have
ille - that, that one
duo - two