Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tunc triplices nostros...

Here is today's distich by Martial, 14.06. The poem refers to the codicilli triplices, a writing tablet with three leaves.

Tunc triplices nostros non vilia dona putabis,
Cum se venturam scribet amica tibi.

These three-leaved tablets you'll be sure to bless,
When a fair lady sends them back with "yes."
- W.S.B.

Here is the vocabulary:

tunc - then
triplex - triple, three-fold
noster - our, ours
non - not
vilis - worthless, cheap
donum - gift
puto - think
cum - when, since
se - reflexive pronoun
venio - come
scribo - write
amicus - friendly; friend
tu - you