Friday, March 2, 2012

Ut sapiant fatuae...

Here is today's distich by Martial, 13.13. I have to agree that beets are definitely better when prepared by an ingenious cook.

Ut sapiant fatuae, fabrorum prandia, betae,
o quam saepe petet vina piperque cocus!

Insipid beet may bid a tradesman dine;
But asks of thee abundant spice and wine.
- Elphinston

Here is the vocabulary:

ut - so, so that, in order to
sapio - taste, be flavorful
fatuus - foolish, insipid
faber - craftsman, workman
prandium - lunch, meal
beta - beet
o - o! oh!
quam - how
saepe - often
peto - seek, reach for
vinum - wine
piper - pepper
que - and
cocus (coquus) - cook