Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Liber homo...

Here is today's distich by Martial, 1.67. I've followed a suggestion of P.T. Eden, emending the second line slightly, so that it would be rendered in English: "who (so much as) says 'Ceryle' to you is an outspoken person." In other words, Cerylus may accuse Martial of speaking too freely, but Martial retorts that Cerylus is so sensitive that he is defensive about anyone who so much as calls him by name.

'Liber homo es nimium' dicis mihi, Ceryle, semper;
In te qui dicit 'Ceryle' liber homo est.

Why dost thou blame my writings as too free?
I may write freely, when I write of thee.
- L.H.S.

Here is the vocabulary:

liber - free, free-speaking, outspoken
homo - person, man
sum - be, exist
nimius - excessive, too great
dico - say, speak, talk
ego - I, me
Cerylus - Cerylus
semper - always
in - in, into, against
tu - you
qui - who, which, that
dico - say, speak