Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Noli Canem Irritare

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Noli Canem Irritare
Irritare canem noli dormire volentem,
Nec moveas iram post tempora longa latentem.

Source: Philosophia Patrum (ed. Wegeler), 571. Meter: Dactylic Hexameter. Note the rhyme: volentem-latentem.

The vocabulary is keyed to the DCC Latin Vocabulary list. There is only one word in this poem that is not on the DCC list:

Do not disturb (noli irritare) a dog wishing to sleep (canem dormire volentem), and do not stir up (nec moveas) an anger that has been in hiding (iram latentem) for a very long time (post tempora longa).

irrīto -āre - provoke, annoy, irritate

canis -is m./f.: dog
dormio -īre: sleep
īra, irae f.: wrath, anger
lateo -ēre latuī: lie hidden, be hidden
longus -a -um: long, far; longē, far, far off
moveo -ēre mōvī mōtum: move
neque, nec: and not, nor; neque . . . neque, neither . . . nor
nōlo nōlle, nōluī: be unwilling
post: after (adv. and prep. +acc.)
tempus -oris n.: time
volo velle voluī: wish, be willing