Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nemo vitare mortem...

Here is another Rhyming Distich, and here are some more posts with Rhyming Distichs. This little poem is from Gartner's Dicteria Proverbialia (1598).

Nemo vitare mortem valet, aut superare:
Nam clausis portis intrat loca singula fortis.

The vocabulary is keyed to the DCC Latin Vocabulary list. All the words are on the DCC list:

aut: or
claudō claudere clausī clausum: close, shut
fortis -e: brave
intrō -āre: enter
locus -ī m.: place; loca (n. pl.) region
mors mortis f.: death
nam or namque: for, indeed, really
nēmo: no one (gen. nullius, dat. nulli, abl. nullo or nulla > nullus -a -um)
porta -ae f.: gate
singulī -ae -a: one each
superō -āre: overcome, surpass, defeat
valeō valēre valuī: be strong, excel, be valid, prevail; valē: farewell!
vītō -āre: avoid, shun