Monday, July 16, 2012

Non Sine Consilio

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Non Sine Consilio
Non sine consilio fac perficienda, dolorem
Post factum damno ne patiare tuo.

Source: Anton Moker (1540-1605), Decalogus Metricus. Meter: Elegiac. Note the paradoxical non sine consilio, "not without a plan" - which is to say: you need to do things based on a plan!

The vocabulary is keyed to the DCC Latin Vocabulary list. There is only one word in this poem that is not on the DCC list:

perficiō, perficere: finish, accomplish

cōnsilium -ī n.: plan; council, group of advisors
damnum -ī n.: damage, injury
dolor -ōris m.: pain, grief
faciō facere fēcī factum: do, make
nē: lest, that not
nōn: not
patior patī passus sum: permit, endure
post: after (adv. and prep. +acc.)
sine: without (+ abl.)
tuus -a -um: your