Sunday, July 22, 2012

Princeps Multis Consulendo

This poem is from the proverbial distichs of Georgius Carolides (1569-1612), which you can read online at the University of Mannheim.

Princeps Multis Consulendo
Exue privatam, rex, communem accipe curam;
Trux nulli, cunctis utilis esse stude.

The vocabulary is keyed to the DCC Latin Vocabulary list. There is only one word in this poem that is not on the DCC list:

exuo, exuere: undress, cast off
trux (trucis): wild, fierce, savage

accipiō -cipere -cēpī -ceptum: receive
commūnis -e: common, general
cōnsulō -sulere -suluī -sultum: consult, plan
cūnctus -a -um: entire all together
cūra -ae f.: care, concern
multus -a -um: much, many; multō, by far
nūllus -a -um: not any, no one
prīnceps -cipis: first, chief
prīvātus -a -um: personal, private
rēx rēgis m.: king
studeō -ēre -uī: be eager, be zealous, care for (+ dat.)
sum, esse, fuī: be, exist
utilis -e: useful