Saturday, April 9, 2011

About: Owen

These poems come from the epigrams of John Owen, a remarkable figure of the Latin poetry Renaissance, who was known under various Latin names: Joannes Owenus, Joannes Ovenus and Joannes Audoenus, etc.. He was born in 1564 (?), and published his epigrams in the years 1606-1613; he died in 1622 (?). You can read more about Owen's life and career in Dana Sutton's Introduction to the Epigrammata.

There is a lovely edition of the epigrams, in both Latin and in the English translation by Thomas Harvey (1677), which Dana Sutton has put online: The Epigrammata of John Owen.

There are numerous editions at GoogleBooks, along with a Latin-French edition and a Latin-Spanish edition.

(1658 edition of the epigrams)

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