Monday, April 2, 2012

Aspiret Mollior Aura

Here is today's emblem and distich by Joachim Camerarius, 3:24. The idea here is that the swans are inspired by the gentle west wind, while the human singers, the bards, are inspired by public acclaim.

Aspiret Mollior Aura
Dulcisonum mollis Zephyrus demulcet olorem,
Et vatum extimulat pectora dulcis honos.

Here is the vocabulary:

aspiro - blow, breathe
mollis - soft, gentle
aura - breeze, breath of air
dulcisonus - harmonious, sweet-sounding
Zephyus - the west wind
demulceo - soothe, entrance
olor - swan
et - and
vates - bard, poet
exstimulo - stimulate, prod
pectus - breast, heart, feeling
dulcis - sweet
honos (honor) - public office, honor