Saturday, April 28, 2012

Et Voluisse Sat Est

Here is today's emblem and distich by Joachim Camerarius, 3:31. Camerarius' essay explains the use of the velamentum and vincula which are used in hawking; even when restrained in this way, the hawk strives to fly up and away.

Et Voluisse Sat Est
Saepius excelsis tenuis res officit ausis,
Et tamen attollit mens generosa caput.

Here is the vocabulary:

et - and, even
volo - want, will, wish
sat - enough
sum - be, exist
saepe - often
excelsus - lofty, high, exalted
tenuis - fine, delicate, slight
res - thing
officio - block, check, impede
ausum - bold deed, exploit
tamen - but, however
attollo - lift, raise up, exalt
mens - mind
generosa - noble, of noble birth
caput - head