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Cito Factum, Gratum

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Cito Factum, Gratum
Si bene quid facias, facias cito, nam cito factum,
   Gratum erit; ingratum gratia tarda facit.

Source: Ausonius (c.310-c.394), in Nihus (1642). Meter: Elegiac. Note that after si the word quid functions like aliquid.

If you would do something nicely (if facias quid bene), you should do it speedily (facias cito) for something done speedily (nam cito factum) will be welcome (erit gratum); a tardy favor (tarda gratia) makes the deed unwelcome (facit ingratum).

The vocabulary is keyed to the DCC Latin Vocabulary list. All the words in this poem are on that list:

aliquis -quae -quod: some, any; si quis, si quid: anyone who, anything that
bene: well
cītus -a -um: swift; citō swiftly
faciō facere fēcī factum: do, make
grātia -ae f.: favor, influence, gratitude
grātus -a -um: pleasant; grateful
ingrātus -a -um: unpleasant, disagreeable
nam or namque: for, indeed, really
sī: if
sum, esse, fuī: be, exist
tardus -a -um: slow, sluggish, lingering

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