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Deum Dilige Corde Toto

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Deum Dilige Corde Toto
Corde deum toto, cum tota mente, animaque
Dilige; mox fratrem dilige deinde tuum.

Source: Anton Moker (1540-1605), Decalogus Metricus. Meter: Elegiac. Compare the words of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke 10:27, Diliges Dominum Deum tuum ex toto corde tuo, et ex tota anima tua, et ex omnibus virtutibus tuis, et ex omni mente tua: et proximum tuum sicut teipsum.

The vocabulary is keyed to the DCC Latin Vocabulary list. All the words in this poem are on that list:

anima -ae f.: breath, spirit
cor cordis n.: heart; cordī est, it is pleasing to (+ dat.)
cum: with (prep. + abl.); when, since, although (conjunction + subj.)
deinde: then, next
deus -ī m.; dea -ae f. god; goddess
dīligō -ligere -lēxī -lēctum: choose, cherish, love
frāter frātris m.: brother
mēns mentis f.: mind
mox: soon
que (enclitic) - and
tōtus -a -um: whole, entire
tuus -a -um: your

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