Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ne Iurato Quidem

Here is today's emblem by Joachim Camerarius, 4:96. This emblem teaches us that even if your enemy swears an oath to you, you cannot trust him until he lays down his arms, no more than you can make a pact with scorpion until after its tail has been cut off. The emblem shows exactly that: the tail of the scorpion being cut off.

Ne Iurato Quidem
Non nisi desectā credam tibi, scorpio, caudā,
Armaque ni ponas, foedera nulla dabo.


ne...quidem - not even
iuro - swear, be under oath
non - not
nisi - unless
desectus - severed, cut out
tu - you
scorpio - scorpion
cauda - tail
arma - arms, weapons
que - and
ni = nisi
pono - place, put, put down
foedus - treaty, pact
nullus - not any, none
do - give

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