Friday, December 23, 2011

Nec Te Quaesiveris Extra

Here is today's emblem by Joachim Camerarius, 4:98. The title comes from the Roman satirist Persius, urging you not to go extra, outside, yourself. This self-containment is expressed emblematically in the form of a snail. The first line of the poem sets up the contrast between the man who hides and the man who boldly burst out - weapons strike the bold man, but not the one who hides. The second line repeats the idea that the bold man who rushes ahead will perish; again, the snail is a great contrast to the idea of anyone rushing into anything. Sadly, because the poor snail in the emblem did come out of his shell, he has been struck by one of those arrows!

Nec Te Quaesiveris Extra
Non tibi tela nocent latitanti, erumpere at ausum
Configunt: temere qui ruit, ille perit.


nec - nor, and not, don't
tu - you
quaero - seek, ask, inquire, demand
extra - outside of, beyond
non - not, no
telum - weapon, dart, spear
noceo - injure, harm
latito - be hidden, lie low, lurk
erumpo - break out, burst forth
at - but
audeo - dare, act boldly
configo - pierce, strike down, hit
temere - rashly
qui - who, which, that
ruo - rush, attack
ille - that, that one
pereo - perish

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