Sunday, December 4, 2011

Uni Salus, Alteri Pernicies

Here is today's emblem by Joachim Camerarius, 3:92. This emblem is based on the paradoxical properties of the rose: for a pure and good creature like the bee, the rose is its one delight, but for the beetle, the rose is death itself; the beetle prefers manure, something that is abhorrent to the bee. You can see the bee and the beetle below in the emblem. The second line then explains the symbolic equation: the rose is a symbol of excellent and worth, something that is welcome to good people, as the rose is pleasing to the bee, while virtue is inimical to bad people, as the rose is fatal to the beetle.

Uni Salus, Alteri Pernicies
Ut rosa mors, scarabaee, tibi est, apis una voluptas:
Virtus, grata bonis, est inimica malis.

Here is the vocabulary:

unus - one
salus - health, salvation
alter - other, another
pernicies - ruin, disaster
ut - as, so
rosa - rose
mors - death
scarabaeus - beetle
tu - you
sum - be, exist
apis - bee
voluptas - pleasure
virtus - virtue, excellent
gratus - welcome, pleasing
bonus - good
inimicus - enemy, unfriendly
malus - bad

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