Sunday, January 8, 2012

In Hunc Intuens Pius Esto

Here is today's emblem and distich by Gabriel Rollenhagen, Book 1.8, with an English rendering by George Wither. This theme of past and future, fuit and eris, is a theme you can find in Latin epitaphs also. For example: Viator, viator! Quod tu es, ego fui; quod nunc sum, et tu eris (CIL 11.6243).

In Hunc Intuens Pius Esto
Esse pius cupis: hunc saltem adspice, qui fuit olim
Tu quod es, et quod eris mox erit ipse cinis.

This Ragge of Death, which thou shalt see,
Consider it; And Pious bee.

Here is the vocabulary:

in - in, into
hic - this, this one
intueor - gaze, look into
pius - godly, thoughtful
sum - be, exist
cupio - desire, wish
saltem - at least
adspicio - look at
qui - who, which, that
olim - once
tu - you
et - and
mox - soon
ipse - intensive adjective/pronoun
cinis - ash

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