Sunday, March 11, 2012

Distich Slideshows

Here is a list of the slideshows that are available so far!

Anon. Damna Dierum.

Anon. Facies Veneris.

Camerarius 4.17: Ad Sidera Vultus.

Cato 2.27: Janus.

Cato 3.1: Ne Discere Cessa.

Martial 5.43: Dentes.

Owen 1.32: De Vita et Morte.

Owen 7.29: Sanguis.

Rollenhagen 31: Sapiens Dominabitur Astris.

Rollenhagen 48: Mors Sceptra Ligonibus Aequat.

Here is the newest slideshow:


  1. Fantastic! The higher level thinking that is modeled here is perfect. Slide 20 does need an adjustment "we are still wait for the verb." :)

  2. Ooooh, thank you, Andrea - that's what I like about these Google Slideshows - I can fix typos and everybody will see the corrected version. Thanks!!! Will go fix that now.


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