Monday, March 19, 2012

Musis Aurora Benigna

Here is today's emblem and distich by Joachim Camerarius, 1:20. In his essay, Camerarius discusses those plants which bloom at night and at the dawn, and urges us to be just as industrious ourselves, not procrastinating in our labors, especially in our artistic efforts, if want to please them, i.e. the Muses.

Musis Aurora Benigna
Noctis odorata est magis isthaec tempore planta:
Tu quoque noctem adde his, si qua placere voles.

Here is the vocabulary:

Musa - Muse
aurora - dawn
benignus - kind, favorable
nox - night
odoro - perfume, make fragrant
magis - more
istic - that, that one
tempus - time
planta - plant
tu - you
quoque - also
addo - add
hic - this, this one
si - if
aliqua - in some manner, in some way
placeo - please
volo - wish, want

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