Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Segnitiem fugito...

Here is today's distich by Cato (so-called), 3.5, with English translations by Duff and Chase.

Segnitiem fugito, quae vitae ignavia fertur;
Nam cum animus languet, consumit inertia corpus.

Inaction's sure to waste one's life away;
Sloth in the mind doth on the body prey.

Shun slackness, which means idling all your days:
With lazy minds sloth on the body preys.

Here is the vocabulary:

segnities - sloth, laziness
fugio - flee, run from
qui - who, which, that
vita - life
ignavia - idleness, laziness
fero - bear, carry, report
nam - for, the fact is
cum - when
animus - soul, mind
langueo - be tired, listless
consumo - devour, consume, wear out
inertia - inactivity, laziness
corpus - body

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