Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fulget In Undis

Here is today's emblem and distich by Joachim Camerarius, 4:18. The emblem invokes the piscis lucerna, the "lamp fish," reported by Pliny to be a phosphorescent fish.

Fulget In Undis
Sic lux veri inter mendacia fusca refulget,
Piscis ut in media nocte lucerna micat.

Here is the vocabulary:

fulgeo - shine, glow, flash
in - in, into
unda - wave
sic - thus, in this way
lux - light
verus - true; verum - truth
inter - amidst, among
mendacium - lie
fuscus - dark, dusky
refulgeo - shine brightly, reflect
piscis - fish
ut - so, as
medius - medium, middle
nox - night
lucerna - lamp, light
mico - twinkle, flash, glitter

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