Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hora Fugax

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Hora Fugax
Temporis in mundo res nulla fugacior hora;
Quam cum praesentem credimus, illa fuit.

Source: Giuseppe Gatti, Sales Poetici, Proverbiales, et Iocosi (1703).  Meter: Elegiac. Note the use of the ablative to express a comparison: hōrā.

The vocabulary is keyed to the DCC Latin Vocabulary list. There is only one word in this poem that is not on the DCC list:

fugax (fugācis): swift, fleeting, transitory

crēdō crēdere crēdidī crēditum: believe
cum: with (prep. + abl.); when, since, although (conjunction + subj.)
hōra -ae f.: hour
ille illa illud: that
in: in, on (+ abl.); into, onto (+ acc)
mundus -ī m.: world, universe, heavens
nūllus -a -um: not any, no one
praesēns -ntis: present, in person, ready
qui quae quod: who, which, what / quis quid: who? what? which?
rēs reī f.: thing (rēs pūblica, commonwealth; rēs familiāris, family property, estate; rēs mīlitāris, art of war; rēs novae, revolution)
sum, esse, fuī: be, exist
tempus -oris n.: time

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